Welcome to my world…

Yes.. I started a blog!

I’ve been contemplating for the passed few months whether to start a blog or not, I do think it’s the right way to go! I can’t always say everything that I want to say, openly and freely on instagram, and as my other social media accounts are more private, I wanted to set up a free space to talk about anything and everything, not just Crossfit!

Since I am very outspoken and do believe that everyone has their own opinions, I wanted to share some with the world. There are so many misconceptions about how we “Arabs” live our lives, some more true than others I do not want to misrepresent Arab females and I wouldn’t want to offend anyone in any way through this space, I would like to encourage and inspire more women to be true and real to themselves, follow their dreams regardless of what “society” thinks of them.

Most importantly, I would want you all to take away something important from my first post:

“Everyone has an opinion, but it is just an opinion, it is not a fact”

People will always tell you what is right and what is wrong, but who gives them the right to tell you how to live your life? You are in your own shoes, you live inside your own body, you live inside your own brain, not them. You are yourself, be yourself. Being what they “expect” you to be, and what society’s “acceptable” way of being, will only cause you to live in a fake life filled with stress, sadness and confusion within yourself. No one else knows how to be you, but you. Do not let other peoples opinions change who you are!

God bless you all, be kind to one another, be true to yourself.