Approaching the New Year!

Lately I’ve been noticing posts, stories and even people talking about goals for the New Year. This year I’ve chosen to change my thoughts about these “goals” instead of setting these expectations to myself and try to control everything around me to reach that them.

The opening of Platform, my dream space, was one of those goals. We initially set a goal to operate in March 2017 and due to paperwork, approvals and many issues, the gym opening was delayed till August. 

This created a big disappointement for myself and others as well, as there were people depending on me. Another goal I had set for myself was to train as hard as I could to make it to Battle of the East. Though with opening the gym and dealing with an injury, another goal I had set my focus on was disintegrating before my eyes.

Feeling like a failure and disappointment not only to myself but to others was heavy on my chest. I had spoken to my life coach about this many times and it came down to one thing.

What is success? 

We follow this new trend of hustle like we don’t have time. Like our life is limiting and we have to chase everything before it’s over. I had to shift that belief in my mind and began to practice of believing in abundance and the limitless or the infinite. 

I practice to not stress about time and months and years, a concept that was merely created by humanity for structure. Why let time control us? Or why do we need to control our time? 

I come into the New Year with one thought, aligning myself with my passion and focused attention on personal growth, evolution and expansion.

My advice to all of you would be, not to set resolution and goals for the new year or every year, you never know how life moves and where it takes you. Always have that focused attention on aligning yourself with what you believe in and what you are truly passionate about. 

I’m passionate about lifting and competing, but I’m not setting a goal to lift 100kg by August or making podium by November. Erasing the concept of time will help you continuously align yourself to your passions that will lead you to success.

 I wish you all a blessed year head, full of love, peace and happiness.