5 simple changes that can improve your health at the office.

Often people ask me how they can improve their day to day life to avoid reoccurring nags and injuries like back pain, hip strains, neck pains and even headaches. Here are 5 simples changes you can make to your days at the office that can help improve your day to day movement and functionality. 
  • Drink more water, less coffee. Oh we all know our love for coffee is undeniable, however, we do neglect the fact that coffee dehydrates us. We want to make sure we are fully functional happy and refreshed individuals. So here are ways you can rehydrate: coconut water or add some cucumber, lemon or orange slices into your bottle. To stay energised add fruits, ginger slices, or even chia seeds into the mix and feel fresh throughout the day.
  • More stretch less stress! We all complain about back problems, pelvic pains and even nagging necks. This is due to long hours of sitting on a desk on the same chair. Make sure that you are stretching your legs, spine and neck to avoid injuries.
  • Are you even sitting right? Many people crouch over their desks which causes neck and spinal problems in the long run. Sitting up right will make a big difference and if there is space between your lower back and the chair, invest in a pillow that can keep it comfortable.
  • Explore your options! If you cannot afford a healthy meal plan and don’t have time to prepare your own food, explore apps that can deliver healthier options. Ubereats and Deliveroo offer some options like: Under500, Right bite, Smith St Paleo or Circle Cafe.
  • Finally, keep moving! If you do a lot of work on your laptop or computer, try to do some work standing for a change, have a lacrosse ball on your desk, place it under your feet to release tension. Use it when your sitting on your chair, place it on any tension and start to release. Avoid asking other people to print for you or bring you coffee, walk  around the office to get things done!