Ramadan, the shift of mind and body to new beginnings..

Many of you requested for me to write about what and how I eat and train during the month of Ramadan.  

Goal setting is important

So first and foremost remember what your goals are this month. Do you want to your body fat percentage to go down? Do you want to gain some strength? Focus on conditioning? 

my goals for this month is to focus on eating better. For the passed few months I would have a meal a day some days, I would train for 2-3 hours without having food for 6 hours and that's what I want to try to avoid. With very little time to eat and train, I've signed up with Athleat DXB, a Dubai based meal prep company run by B09 for coaches and athletes. 

My main goal this month is to be lighter. I want to be lighter and faster with body movements so this month mostly focuses on light training, body weight and a lot of conditioning. Before breaking my fast I would follow a Daily Grind workout by Innerfight's competitors program Red Zone. Most of these workouts are light and around 20-30 minutes of sweat work. 

Bone broth is amazing! 

Athleatdxb offers 3 meals and bone broth to break my fast. So after a training session at my home gym, I'd have my bone broth and pray. Let it sit before having my first meal. I would have my first meal around 7:30-7:45pm and my second training session would start at 9:30.

Bone brother is amazing, full of nutrients and collagen, it prepares your stomach after long hours of being empty for it to have easier digestion. Collagen is amazing for your hair, skin, nails and recovery! 

Don't be hungry! Don't snack on sugars! 

Before training I'd have either a shake or protein snack and post workout I'd have the same. Around midnight I'd have my second meal and my third meal would be around 3 am. 

 This way, I am ensuring that I have a meal at least every 2-3 hours. 

The list of supplements I'll be taking during the month of Ramadan is the following:  

  • Antioxidant supplement: grape seed extract and turmeric 
  • Omega 3: 2 capsules every meal  
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium: 4 capsules before bed  for optimal recovery

As for my macros, I've signed up for Paleo-ish meals, low in carb, moderate protein and fat. An example of what I'm having today:

  • Asian beef with vegetables and rice
  • Grilled chicken with boiled broccoli and 3 slices of sweet potato
  • Grilled chicken quinoa with pomegranate and vegetables  

As a snack I would either have eggs or a protein shake.

For any question feel free to send an email through kikiforcrossfit@gmail.com