Are you familiar with the #hustle?

Lately I have been noticing this trend of the “hustle” spreading like a virus. I’m sure many of the ones that chase the hustle are doing it with good intentions of gaining knowledge and inspiring others to do more work. However, I can’t help but speak up about how this is wrongfully viewed..


As many of you know, I religiously believe in energy and what it does to our daily lives. One thing I’d like to put out there before getting into the details, is that thoughts create. And I am not talking about your conscious thoughts, I am a firm believer in intentions and motives. Looking deep into where this motive is stemming from is where the energy is stored and from there it’s continuously reincarnating the world that surrounds us.


Don’t you find yourself something blocking someone out of your life, deleting, pushing out and eventually you find yourself within the same situation over and over again and think to yourself “I thought I was over this!!!” Well, my friends, there is no running away from what is hidden in our subconscious minds. Whatever deepest feelings we have from fear to guilt, these feelings will continuously project within your daily experiences.


Through my weekly studies, we look into words that we unconsciously use in our daily lives. We don’t realize the connotations that we have attached to these words and freely use them with daily conversations. Let me give you a simple example. The word “hectic”, I noticed that many people that lead busy lives unconsciously use the word “hectic” and have no idea what it does to their flow of energies and breaks their intentions and alignment. The word hectic is defined in the dictionary as “full of incessant or frantic activity.” Sounds familiar? Do you find yourself frantic and continuously feeling uncomfortable and unpleasant with your daily schedules? If you don’t use the word hectic, I’m pretty sure you’re thinking it. Hey, I fell victim to using these words all my life, but the more I was aware, the less I used them.


Let’s get back to the word “hustle”. The word is defined in the dictionary as the following:


hustle force (someone) to move hurriedly or unceremoniously area. obtain illicitly or by forceful action: (hustle someone into) pressure someone into doing something. don't be hustled into anything unless you really want to. sell aggressively: he hustled his company's oil around the country.


What I want you to take from this is the key words to what is behind the word “hustle,” hurried, forceful, pressure, aggressive… Do you really want to live your life hurried? Forced? Pressured? The purpose of doing the work that you do is because you are consciously and intentionally aligning yourself with your true purpose. This act of alignment cannot be forced or aggressive, for energy to grow and evolve it needs an organic flow.


When we are exposed to these new trends that pop up here and there and find those people successful at what they do, it is understandable that we want to be a part of this movement. However, I found that many people that fall victim to the “hustle” feel guilty for not “hustling.” The moment you start to feel guilt, you’re immediately disconnected to your purpose. I found myself feeling guilty taking days off, because I was also constantly exposed to the hashtag of the year “HUSTLE” and think to myself, am I supposed to keep my mind engaged and working all the time? And it was only because I viewed these people are “successful” people who chase the hustle. But something I tell myself all the time is “what is good for you, may not be good for me.”


We are not all the same type of human, we all have our personal preferences, just because I don’t wake up at the break of dawn doesn’t mean I’m a loser and missing out of life. Excuse me, my friend, what is it that you’re trying to achieve by chasing life? What are you scared of losing when you take your time? If you think that we are limited by time, then you will always be limited. If you’re constantly running, your engine will malfunction. You’re not a winner because you hustle, and you’re not a loser because you don’t.